When Candice Bauman came to California by way of Michigan in 1998, she knew Long Beach would be her home.

Impressed by the amount of people showing inked skin (and the amount of bike lovers), Bauman became fascinated by the art of tattooing. With a strong background in art and design—she studied interior architecture—she decided to take it further and tackle the art-to-skin work herself.

Now working at Donovan’s Autumn Moon Tattoo in Anaheim (alongside Donovan Andrews himself), Bauman wittily mixes classic American tattooing with tinges of contemporary bits that ultimately create a unique Bauman style.

As one can see in her piece, her love for bicycling equals her love for tattooing. From local criteriums to cyclocross racing, Bauman is not just a casual bicyclist but a competitive one—and you can find her racing around on her Fuji at practically every moment (minus the moments where she has a pen or a tattoo machine in her hand).

Oh, and let’s not forget the kitties: Bauman is obsessed with cats.

Written by Brian Addison of the Long Beach Post


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