Touch My Butt!

Touch My Butt!

What started off as a simple doodle magically turned into a wearable sensation overnight. I made t-shirts which quickly sold out. Those, along with stickers circulated quite quickly through the track cycling community, throughout the local community of Long Beach, and now across the U.S. So, what is Touch My Butt? An obsession with butts, if you will. When you’re riding a bike, chances are you are staring at a nice spandex-clad butt in front of you. When racing in a peloton, we often touch eachother’s butts as a signal of “hey, I’m right here.” When we’re off the bike, we still touch eachother’s butts. We work hard for our hard booties, so why wouldn’t we want to show them attention. We like to play grab-ass. Touch butts for inter-human connection. Touch butts for world peace. Whatever your reason, every booty needs love. Period.

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