More than skin deep: Tattoos that Honor Mom

More than skin deep: Tattoos that Honor Mom


Paying tribute to mother figures in the form of a heart and banner is classic old-school tattooing. A red heart symbolizes keeping loved ones close, especially when far apart. The physical process of sitting through a session helps some to honor this deep-felt appreciation fully. And this act of love has certainly stuck around, and taken on new form — some making use of handwritten letters, photographed portraits, or matching designs. In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are a few favorite mom tattoos done by artist Candeeo, as folks have come in to pay homage to a mother in their life over the years. 

A memorial piece for Mom, who loved to go to the casino.
We always took her when we'd go visit.

A rose and monarch butterfly in honor of Mom's birthday.

For Grandma, who used to write letters and notes backwards, only legible when read in the mirror. 

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